AIDV Conference 2019
Lausanne - Vevey - Switzerland
21-23 July 2019
The AIDV’s 2nd Fête des Vignerons - 1999 - 2019

Scientific Program
The current state of affairs in wine law
Wine law for a new generation

Sunday 21 July 2019

Wine and Health Law Prognosis

“Plain packaging, mandatory health warnings, prohibitions against health claims, pregnancy warnings, wine in moderation statements, nutrition statements”
Are WTO/FTA Panels Useful?

“How to advise your client: are WTO and FTA panels useful and /or enforceable?” Can companies “use” countries to promote their interests? Nomination of panelists and appellate body members”
Judges’ panel

Remedies: flexibility for a modern era? How far can Judges go?
Interprofessional organisations and their Benefits

“Have Interprofessions outlived their usefulness or are they excellent role models for the New World?”
A very brief history of interprofessions, including their legislative base, how they operate, where their funding comes from, what they can achieve that private associations joined voluntarily can’t achieve and whether they are relevant today and why? This position will be contrasted with the new world model and their local “equivalents”, such as voluntary winemakers’ associations, and what their limitations are and whether they could gain by becoming more like an interprofession.

Gala dinner at Royal Savoy Hotel, Lausanne 07.30 pm

Monday 22 July 2019

IP panel – Non-Traditional IP and Fame

(1) non-traditional and unusual wine-trademarks and other IP; (2) protection of fame and famous wine marks; (3) “relatedness” of goods
Such non-traditional trademarks would include Veuve Clicquot’s yellow
Shapes – the registration of various bottle shapes , bottle embossing - like the Chateauneuf-du-Pape embossed Papal keys on bottles, label shapes, attempts to protect general get-up, closures – (such as Supreme Corq’s synthetic corks) and the patent for wine in a can
Famous marks in the wine sector and their enforcement – What constitutes “fame” and how to prove it in, say, half a dozen lead markets - EU, USA, etc.  How long does such a finding of fame “last” or remain in force?
The interesting question when registering wine trademarks of the “relatedness” of goods

Wine in E-Commerce

“The many aspects of alcohol-related e-commerce”
Investment panel

“Cross border investments in viticultural land and wineries”
Brexit, the Geneva Act and other international topics

Grandvaux: visite of Maison Buttin-de-Loës with apero than dinner at Grande salle of Grandvaux

Tuesday 23 July 2019
Fête des Vignerons

Credits photos Fête des Vignerons

In 2019, for the second time, the AIDV organizes its international conference in Lausanne, from 20 to 24 July, and will offer a unique event.
this outstanding show, holding once each generation, since 1797, at the heart of the city of Vevey, on the Riviera of the Geneva Lake in Switzerland, celebrating the vineyards of Lavaux and the Chablais vaudois, inscribed on the representative list of the intangible cultural heritage of Unesco, designated 12th best destinations of 2019 by National Geographic magazine and preparing to gather one million visitors from around the world between July 18 and August 11.

Fête des vignerons at Vevey, departure in Lausanne around 09 am, before the show reception by the Abbé-President of the event. 

Registration for the show of the Fête des Vignerons will be offered as an option with 3 categories of places: cat II/225 euros, cat III/180 euros. or cat IV/130 euros.

before 31 March 2019
AIDV Member 1participant680 €800 €
AIDV Non-member 2participant850 €970 €
Accompanying person 3accompagnant430 €480 €
Student 4
only Conference 
lunch-dinner /day
50 €
Fête des Vignerons 5
Place category 2 - 100 available
235 €
Place category 3 - 70 available
190 €
Place category 4 - 30 available
140 €
1 - Priority registration untill 3rd of March - Please check you are member and that your 2018 and 2019 fees are paid
2 - registration to be open 4th of March - Become member and take advantage of the priority registration and Members' fees
3 - Limited to 3 accompanyiing person for each participant - restricted to Spouse/Partner/Dependent children
4 - Full time student with adequate proof
5 - Limited to 2 places for each participant or accomp - restricted to Spouse/Partner/Dependent children - places attributed in the order of the registration -  transportation From/to Lausanne-Vevey included


Open for AIDV Members
for non members opening 4 of March 2019


Centre Patronal
Route du Lac 2, 1094 Paudex
Bus stop in front of the house
bus no 8, final stop: Verrière.
It takes 15’ by bus from the heart of Lausanne (Saint-François) to the convention venue.



We advise you to book your hotel as soon as possible, because the Conference is during the Fête des Vignerons


Making the reservation attendees must opt for the Lausanne Transport Card. It’s free of charge and gives unrestricted access to all public transport services in the city (bus, train, metro) during the reservation including arrival and departure days.
Those who want to attend Fête des Vignerons on July, 23th make a reservation till Wednesday, July 24th. The reason: In case of bad weather the show will be delayed from 11 am to 5 pm and end around 8 pm. In this case the return to Lausanne will not be earlier than 10 pm.

Accompanying program

 Sunday, July 21th: guided visit of the city of Lausanne
Monday, July 22th: guided visit of Joux Valley, the cradle of grande complication watches