Welcome from the President of the section

Dear friends,
In 1159, Jean de Salisbery published Metalogicon, a treaty devoted to education. If this book spent the centuries, it is not so much for the promotion of the liberal arts that it contains, but for a famous metaphor on the progress of the knowledge: “We are like dwarves sitting on shoulders of giants. If we see more things and more remote than them, it is not because of the perspicacity of our sight, nor of our size, it is because we are raised by them.”
It is this spirit which animates the AIDV –European Section since it related to the baptismal font, in Lyon, in 1999.
To promote the study of the law of the vine and the wine while being interested at the same time in the history of the soils and globalization of the market, the specificity of the national laws and the diffusion of an international law.
To achieve this goal, our association can relied on its members, coming from the four corners of Europe, from which the number, quality and diversity are as many assets. It also benefits from a perfect synergy with the other chapters of the AIDV which radiates on the five continents.
Its annual conferences, organized in Colmar, Madrid, London, Luxembourg, Brussels, Albi, Toledo, Bucharest, Budapest or Mainz, are as many privileged moments of study, exchanges and user-friendliness. They bring together specialists in different disciplines, horizons and nationalities. They relate at the same time to topics of news, future questions and original subjects.
The challenge is to contribute to the diffusion and the progress of the law of the wine by reconciling a culture of the vine concerned by its environment, the development of the territories, the respect of the know-how of the vine growers and the promotion of quality wines.
The AIDV is always happy to grow by new members, and new glances on the subjects which impassion it.
Frédéric Rocheteau
President of the European Section of the International Wine Law Association



223, rue Charles GERMAIN