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The Association is composed of members and honorary members.
The Association may accept as members both natural persons (at least 18 years old) and legal persons.
Honorary members are members who have rendered significant services to the Association and who are appointed by a General Meeting of Members, on a proposal by the Board of Directors, and are exempted from paying membership fees.
Members are persons who pay an annual membership fee as determined by the General Meeting of Members from time to time.
The annual membership fee for legal persons is higher than the annual membership fee for natural persons and allows legal persons to appoint five natural persons as their representatives to participate in the Association’s activities. However, legal persons have only one vote in the General Meeting of Members.
The annual membership fee for students and retirees shall be lower than the standard annual membership fee for members.

Membership implies that the member agrees that the information provided is used for the purposes described in the AIDV Privacy Policy

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