Liber amicorum - Robert Tinlot

Vine, wine and law: from local to global 

Lawyer, senior official of the Directorate for the consumption and prevention of fraud, member of the INAO, Director General of the OIV, founding member of the International Association of Wine Law(AIDV), frequent traveler and fine diplomat , Robert Tinlot (1931-2017) had a career in the world of wine which is impossible to summarize in a few lines.

In the footsteps of the main axes of this career, the present Mélanges honor this exceptional personality who did not just put his talents, his knowledge and his energy at the service of the law of the vine and wine but, more fundamentally , has decisively contributed to the consecration of this law, atypical and complex, as a real discipline, in France, in Europe and in the world. Author of numerous articles relating to the law of wine, inspirer of many regulatory texts, international negotiator, Robert Tinlot has trained or inspired a large number of professionals, jurists or academics, some fifty of whom wished to pay tribute to him and contribute to this work.

After legitimate questioning of the autonomy of wine law from a historical and international point of view, the book explores various avenues. Obviously, the theme dear to Robert Tinlot linked to origin, terroir and geographical indications allows multidisciplinary approaches and the confrontation of concepts. Local, loyal and constant customs; from grape varieties to contact materials or prepackaging; From planting rights to methods of managing production potential, these Mélanges also allow us to question the governance of the sector from a national, community and international point of view. Finally, consumer information and protection as well as the promotion of wines through labeling and certain distinctive mentions complete this panorama of vine and wine law.

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Geographical Indications (“GIs”)… are there any general GI laws (whose coverage includes wines) in your country? If so, what are the names and/or references and (if applicable) dates of the relevant legislation or laws?
Advertising and Sales… are there any specific regulations relating to wine advertising and sales? If so, what are the names and/or references and (if applicable) dates of the legislation/laws?
Labelling … is it required that certain details are included on a wine label? For instance: name of producer/ domain, vintage, alcohol, grapes, country/region of origin, health warnings etc.?
Distribution … do you have specific rules about the applicable law in wine related e-commerce transactions?
Dispute Resolution … do you have specific rules or requirements relating to arbitration or mediation of commercial disputes that may apply to wine-related matters?
Governmental and Private Bodies Regulating the Wine Sector… are there non-state actors in the field of wine? If so, who are they and what is their function?
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ISBN 978-3-7190-4457-2 Editeur Helbing Lichtenhahn Verlag, Basel
Année de parution 2021-Pages 375 - Type de produit Livre - Type de reliure broché - Langue Anglais


Jus Vini - Journal of Wine & Spirits Law

AIDV has decided to support the publication of JUS VINI, the Journal of Wine and Spirits Law.

Jus Vini, the Journal of Wine & Spirits Law, is a bilingual (English/French) peer-reviewed legal journal published twice a year (June and December), promoting legal scholarship in the field of wine and spirits law.

Jus Vini publishes articles, essays, case-law notes, reports, briefs and book reviews on national and international laws concerning wines and spirits as well as the analysis of significant case-law and the evolution of the legal theories underpinning the law. The Journal has a strong comparative bent. 


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